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For the past 12 years, GlobalContact has provided tools to help the process of acquiring new customers for the products or services of companies that want to attract new customers in a simple, fast and inexpensive way.


The business database contains 3,465,243 of the UK's most commercially active companies.

The catalogue contains the following columns:
Company name, complete address (street number, town/city, post code), owner's name, email, phone, fax, www.

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ExpressMaila tool for serial emailing. The main features of the program are: sending messages in text or HTML format, attachments (option of adding photos or images as attachments), adding dynamic content (inserting information from a database into the subject or message body), SMTP Server Report (event logging).

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DataManager - A tool created for the comprehensive management of data purchased from us. The program's main function is to select data by industry and region and export the data to a selected format such as csv, excel or txt.

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